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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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nurse's family right now. superstar tragedy. one of the world's top singers killed in a plane crash. jenni rivera, her death shocking millions of fans around the world. "90210" star shannon doherty calls police. >> i'm like sitting here, like, you know, freaking out and held hostage. >> how she saved a fan's life. and when amish go bad. meet the powerful mob boss who rules the ammic countryside with his crime-fighting buggy and crew dishing out justice. is this the most strange reality show ever? and good morning, everyone.
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happy monday to robin at home. lara taking time off this week. great to have amy and bianna here. it's a busy monday morning. a lot to get to, including record snowfall slamming the upper midwest. it started snowing as far south as dallas this morning. sam has it all coming up. meantime, it feels like spring here in new york city. that's about to change, too. christmas cheer in washington interruptedly controversy. superstar singer psy's explosive onstage rants against americans, happened before he made it big here with "gangnam style." we showed you our trip to robin's. we're heading back. revealing our traditions now at robin's home for christmas. what a visit it was. we begin with the australian
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z deejays speaking out for the first time. cecilia vega is in sydney with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. they say this was supposed to be a simple, harmless prank that lasted no more than 30 seconds. they thought they would be hung up on immediately. we all know that is far from what happened. >> personally i'm -- >> reporter: the two australian deejays behind the phony phone call came out of hiding overnight. offering a tearful apology to the family of the nurse. >> shattered, gutted, heart broken. incredibly sorry for this situation and what's happened. >> there's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about her family and what they must be going through. the thought that we may have played a part in that is --
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>> hello, there, could i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> oh, yes, hold on, ma'am. >> reporter: they said they never imagined they would get through to the hospital where kate middleton was rekefri inre from severe morning sickness. they never could have predicted that days later, skra sin that is -- jacintha saldanha would be found dead of an apparent suicide. >> we both found out about the same time. i think it was -- >> the worst phone call i have ever had in my life. >> reporter: the global backlash has been fierce. the radio station announced it's banning phonemy phone calls altogether and suspending advertising indefinitely.
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the team is off the air. one final thing to say. >> i wanted to reach out to them and give them a big hug and say, sorry. i hope they're okay. i really do. >> reporter: higher ups at the station made the final decision to air the call. lawyers were involved in that. not once in this interview did the deejays express reservation about airing their prank. >> let's get more from dan abrams. no reservations about the prank. clearly, they dinlt mean this would happen. had no guilty intent. will that shield them from prosecution? >> probably. there is a technical violation. using a listening device and broadcasting that tape. maybe a fine. i don't think there will be serious prosecution here because it would be very tough to link the actual death to the prank. now you can link it as a moral matter. but as a legal matter, there
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needs to be a level of foreseeab foreseeablety. >> you have to look at it separately. look at the prank. the question comes, was the prank a legal violation? putting it entirely separate from the death? you can ask the question, was the prank a violation? the answer is, i'm sure they'll be able to find a technical one. same thing would happen here, by the way. if something like this happened here, everyone would look for licensing. let's get the rest of the morning's headlines from josh. >> we begin with the fiery plane crash that appears to have taken the life of jen nirks rivera. invest garrets are trying to figure out why the plane vanished from radar moments after taking off. overnight, mexican television aired these grainy images,
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believed to be the remains of jenni rivera's lear jet. >> it's such a big shock to the family. >> reporter: her brother, speaking out in los angeles. >> she fought for everything in life. she was a great person. >> reporter: the impact so powerful, debris scattered the length of three football fields. sunday night, hundreds of fans gathered for a candle light vigil in los angeles to mourn her death. rivera had just finished a concert in monterrey. this photo taken by her makeup artist moments before the flight shows rivera and the other passengers. the 43-year-old was born in long beach, california, had rinz to worldwide fame singing mexican
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b banda style music. >> when she was on the stage, he reflected what was happening in her life. >> reporter: rivera, a mother of five and grandmother of two had become a crossover tv star, recently joining the abc television family to star in a self-titled television series. overnight, on twitter, an outpouring of grief from pit bull and gloria es tef fa. to ricky martin and eva longoria, who wrote, we lost a legend today. she was set to take part in the voice mexico. she was 43 years old. also breaking overnight, all eyes on north korea on the verge of a possible rocket launch. they planned to send a satellite into orbit as early as today. a glitch forced them to extend
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the launch window. growing concern about the health of nelson mandela, who has been in the hospital for three days. officials say the 94-year-old human rights hero is doing well. but that people should keep him in their prayers. gas prices down 11 cents in the past week. they're not stopping there. a gallon now almost 50 cents less than a month ago. we could see rates at $3 a gallon by christmas. the argentinian-born forward lionel messi scored two goals on sunday, bringing the total for the year to 86. by the time he's done, we could be talking about the best to ever play the game. >> all right, josh, thank you so much. now to the latest on the daring rescue mission in afghanistan to free an american doctor held hostage by the taliban. an american hero has died in this operation, a member of the
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elite s.e.a.l. team six. martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: this is what the s.e.a.l.s train to do. this raid was more challenging than the one that killed osama bin laden. this time, the goal was to bring back an american hostage alive. it was a bold and dangerous mission. u.s. and afghan special forces including members of the navy's elite sooel team six, raiding a taliban camp saturday night to rescue this man, dilip joseph, an american doctor taken hostage while working for a relief agency. >> difficult terrain, big mountai mountains, very, very dark. lots of training on hostage rescues. until you get in there and do it, you don't know what you're going to find. >> reporter: they moved in by helicopter in darkness. when it bake clear dr. joseph was in imminent danger or may be
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moved to pakistan. they had been tracking the american, following his captors to the mountains of eastern afghanistan, where they had hidden him among some small huts. a firefight broke out. several of captors were killed. dr. joseph was one of three aid workers from morning star development captured by militants on wednesday, as they returned from a rural medical clin clinic. two of the workers, believed to be locals, were released saturday. the team felt they could not wait any longer to get dr. joseph. the longer captives were held in the past, the more difficult it became to find them. we turn now to the fiscal cliff. just 22 days before everyone's taxes go up, every government
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program is cut. there's a bit of hope that a deal to avoid the consequences could be coming, sparked by the first meeting in weeks between the president and john boehner. jake, what do we know about the meeting? >> reporter: they spoke on the phone on friday and set up a meeting for yesterday. speaker boehner did come here. and though i don't think there's any reason to believe we're really close to a deal, progress has been made, though one side of the talks staaid that that progress is fragile. >> we're getting close to the point, really, by tend of the week, if they're not a lot closer, it might be too hard to do by the end of the year. >> there could be a quick fix solution. republicans agree to keep the tax cuts in place for the 98% of the country. avoid tax cuts for a few month,
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go take winter break. that would not be a long-term solution but would avert the fiscal cliff. >> hillary clinton's future, talking about her for 2016, are we any closer, is the president any closer to naming her replacement? >> i don't think that will happen this week. my sources suggest likely next week. the president has not yet made a decision, i'm told, on the key position, secretary of state, secretary of defense, cia director. he wants to unveil it all at the same time, a new national security team. >> thank you, jake. now to the second straight sunday, tragedy overshadowing an nfl game. the dallas cowboys taking the field with heavy hearts the day after player died in a horrific car crash caused by his teammate driving drunk. john schriffen has the story.
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>> reporter: a silent josh brent walked out of jail. he's charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of his dallas cowboys teammate and roommate, jerry brown jr. >> he said my best friend died. you can't get tirgt than those two. >> reporter: the car they were in hit a curb, flipped and kaugtd fire, killing brown. brent admitted to drinking at a club that evening and smelled of alcohol. an emotion gnat cowboys team beat the cincinnati bengals. teammates holing up brown's jersey after the game. >> football is very different than life. we lost a 25-year-old young man who had his whole life in front of him. >> reporter: his death is the second in the nfl in as many weeks. on december 1st, police say kansas city chiefs linebacker
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jovan belcher shot and hikilled his girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself. this video shows him talking to kansas city police officers. >> how we doing tonight, man? >> reporter: police say they found the 25-year-old asleep in the car. because he wasn't driving and had no visible signs of alcohol with him, there was no reason to arrest him. >> i think sometimes they feel like they're invincible. >> reporter: this morning, after two high-profile deaths, many are wondering if the nfl needs to do more. >> the nfl facing a real moment of crisis. the latest tempest turned up by the singer who released "gangnam style" on the world. he was at a benefit, to perform,
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but first, he had to apologize. >> is ththis is a shocker. didn't see this one coming. the author of the "please get this out of my head" dance craze, inspiring gangnam style. he has a controversial past. late sunday, the president and his family mingled with evils and posed in front of a christmas tree at what is usually a festive but unnews worthy christmas in washington event. there was controversy mixed in courtesy of this guy in the red top. he is psy. you know him from the "gangnam style" music video. he made countless americans dance around like drunken horse. he has a history of vitriolic anti-americanism. yes, psy, he's been on every
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talk show from "ellen" to "leno." back in the early 2000s, he got up on tv and smashed an american toy tank. he sang kill those exple active yankees. kill them all slowly and painfully. he issued an apology. despite an online uproar, the president decided to attend the christmas show. the white house said it insists it has no control over the guest list. what will happen next to his career. >> if you were sitting around making up horrible things that a pop star would say to get them in trouble, you would have hard time coming up with worse things than this. ♪ gangnam style >> reporter: the man with the invisible hobs and lasso has to
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decide how to rein it all in. >> those were tough words to undo, though. i don't know. >> they were. thanks, dan. let's get to sam. a lot of severe weather out there. >> tornado warnings. watch this morning from the gulf coast all the way up towards jackson. look at this line of snow from lubbock through dallas into north texas. we warned you about that last week. the first part of this week, we would probably get snow in the texas area. that will slow down some travel. over the weekend, the first batch of cold air from the dakot dakotas. the biggest snow they have seen. it's late. it's coming in. that's the biggest snow since two years ago the snowfall took down the superdome, the
7:18 am
metrodome. early morning wind chills, 16 in fargo. dallas, 17 degree, 19 degrees. other reports coming in on twitter. pictures of fog, deep fog, from florida all the way up to new york city. this will real limb pact travly today. think we got it all in.
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>> wild day on the boards today, including the snow in texas, the severe storms. we'll have all of america's weather in the next half hour. josh? amy? george? coming up, "90210" star's 911 call to save a fan's life. the miami businessman living the high life. now under arrest for ripping off his famous friends.
7:20 am
and i suppose you can call them the amish sopranos. we'll introduce you to the mob boss. sit the most surprising reality show ever? you saw us deck the halls at robin's. we had so much fun. we go back to robin's home for a very merry christmas. we have a whole lot to share this morning. hd 4. she changed her dress three times,
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sue is following traffic. new stall the third this morning at the bay bridge toll, dark screen bumper-to-bumper behind metering lights that are on. sluggish traffic on the incline where that stall is reported this is your waze app, showing san jose north 280 that orange line when an earlier accident at 87 traffic very, very slow in the northbound direction also northbound 87 remains slow too this is a tree app you can
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download. -- this is a free app you can
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thick fog around fairfield half a mile, quarter mile santa rosa, highway 4 tweets about thick fog there so be careful. 30s and 40s inland, 50s bay and coast 57 oakland and half moon bay right now. above average mostly sunny sky, low to upper 60s today, watch out for the r
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okay, here's the pitch. "the good, the bad, and the ugly" meets "the sopranos" in a horse and buggy. it's a whole new kind of justice in amish country, a brand new reality series that may be the most bizarre one yet. we'll introduce you to the mob boss. keeping things under control among the pennsylvania dutch. >> i don't even know what to say in response to that. >> nope, nope. >> we should move on, right?
7:30 am
we have an interesting story out of hollywood. shannen doherty turned hero. she was trying to rescue a fan in trouble. the star's frantic 911 call and what police admitted after they swooped into the scene. also ahead, patriots quarterback, tom brady, his supermodel wife, welcoming baby girl. what has people talking now is actually how the newborn was delivered. why doctors are, in fact, raising red flags about the delivery. >> i want to know the answer. we'll save it for the piece. remember the "gma" christmas express headed to robin's house last week. now we're sharing our holiday traditions. as we go back to robin's just in time for christmas. >> can't wait for that. first, the dramatic 911 call placed by shannen doherty. the hollywood star was concerned by threats online by a fan, so she took action. john muller has the story. >> yeah, uh, this is going to sound incredibly strange.
7:31 am
my name is shannen doherty. i'm an actress. i'm on twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself. >> reporter: the voice you hear is shannen doherty, best known for starring roles in "charmed" and "beverly hills 90210." in the role of her life, saving someone else's. >> i'm completely untrained to deal with somebody threatening to commit suicide. >> reporter: but in these newly-released 911 calls, the 41-year-old actress can be heard calling a dispatcher in new jersey after a fan on twitter threatened to kill herself. >> i'm sitting here now freaking out. i can't do anything. >> reporter: dispatchers tell doherty to stay on the line and ask the woman for her address on twitter. then moments later -- >> we have our police on the way to the address. >> i would love it if you would call me back and let me know. >> reporter: the dispatcher admitted he and his colleagues are fans themselves.
7:32 am
>> all my co-workers can't believe who i'm on the phone with, they all want your twitter account. >> you got it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news. >> and we reached out to shannen doherty. her representative says the star has no comment. she did the right thing, and the hard thing actually to make the phone call. >> boy, she has fans out there. we turn now to a dramatic fall from grace for a hard-charging high-flying miami businessman, arrested on friday for ripping off friends who invested in his company. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: they included star basketball players. a former presidential candidate. a former florida governor on his board of directors. the s.e.c. said he took $40 million of their money, all on a scheme built on lies. he styled himself a self-made entrepreneur.
7:33 am
he climbed mountains for fun and scaled the heights of the miami business community. but this morning, federal authorities here say he's nothing more than a con man. >> entrepreneur of the year is claudio osorio. >> reporter: osorio, seen here on video, reportedly rubbed shoulders at the white house and sought investments from basketball stars dwight howard, alonzo mourning, and carlos boozer. former florida governor jeb bush was even a boards member. >> individuals looking for investors will get celebrities involved to give an air of credibility. >> reporter: the company promoted these lightweight modular wall panels like these. the government says osorio pocketed half of the $40 million he raised to fund his mansion
7:34 am
on exclusive star island and to buy maserati. >> he had the makeup of an incredible fraudster. >> reporter: chris korge invested $4 million. >> once he got everything he could get from me, i started to notice that the interaction i had with him started to slow down. >> reporter: but after korge and others became suspicious, they filed lawsuits against the van sway lan-born businessman forcing him into bankruptcy. on friday, osorio and his partner were arrested, charged with 23 counts of fraud and money laundering. his attorneys did not respond to us. the company's cfo attorneys said he was an honorable employee of the company and shouldn't be charged with any crime. george? >> thanks. let's get to sam and the weather. >> we saw all these images of the coastal towns inundated with
7:35 am
water. the question now becomes, is that part of our future? a brand new report from noaa coming out is frightening. we thought we would show it to you this morning. the scientists, they have high confidence that global sea levels could rise from eight inches by the end of the century to nearly six feet. they point to the warming ocean temperatures as one cause. one thing we didn't think about is that as water warms, it expands. that already means that the oceans will be higher on our coastlines. add the melting ice sheet. it means you the major potential for a disaster. as much as 6 1/2 feet higher than normal. look at miami. the white area is the dry. the yellow area is the metro area. come over here, the five feet of additional water from the coastal area, look at the water all over miami beach and the water back from the everglades areas.
7:36 am
other places that would have trouble, include new york city, new orleans, look at the dry areas. look at the blue, how much additional water with that five-foot ocean rise by 2100 around the new orleans area. that puts most of new orleans underwater if that is true. by 2100. quick look at where the bad weather is today. we have watches and warnings along the front. a rough day for folks from new orleans to jackson. tallahassee, birmingham. the big board, the coastal fog on the east coast. the snow icing up roads in north texas. >> just want you to know when the new reports come out. all that weather was brought to you by keurig. george. >> that was a real wake-up call.
7:37 am
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back at 7:41. we keep playing the theme from "the good, the bad, and the ugly." because we're bringing you a type of mob justice we have not seen dished out before. a group of men called the amish mafia. linsey davis is here with more. >> reporter: it's billed as vigilante-style justice in the midst of amish country. the reality tv show "ammic mafia" follows the amish men they call on to deliver eye for an eye justice.
7:42 am
one of the already secretive amish community's most tightly kept secrets is about to be exploezed in "amish mafia." >> i make sure the peace is being kept. >> reporter: he leads a powerful team of mennonite made men. they solve disputes, dish out justice. >> are you here to arrest me? >> reporter: and inforcing the laws of lancaster, pennsylvania's, amish community. it's been known for quaint lifestyle. until now. >> here's the computer. an ipad for games. >> reporter: there's an appetite for viewers of spoiled house wive, drunk party kids, and self-proclaimed rednext. now reality tv is banking on the amish. >> it's almost -- match made in
7:43 am
heaven. >> reporter: national geographic's amish out of order and tlc's breaking amish is focused on the wirld side of amish life. >> it's a controversial concept and reality feeds on controversy. it's outrageous. it's mysterious. unexpected. >> reporter: the network's website acknowledges that most of the show is reenactments. according to levi, all the stories are the god's honest truth. most people think of the amish as not to media friendly. that's true. the old order amish do not allow their faces on camera. you know what's got to come next, right? housewives of lancaster, pennsylvania. >> oh, my goodness. most people in the community won't see the show. they don't have televisions. >> reporter: they shouldn't see this show.
7:44 am
as you learn, some of them sneak into internet cafes. they watch a little tv. >> by the way, you can see a sneak peek tomorrow night on the discovery channel. the series premieres officially on wednesday night. we headed to robin's house last week to deck the halls. now we're sharing the holiday traditions as we go back to her home. also, "play of the day" coming up. we're looking back at the favorite this is year. what happens when somebody gets that bike ready to go. ah ah -- freeze, freeze, freeze, just freeze.
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> looking forward to that. just a couple of weeks. also, very quickly. fantasy football is one of the scourges wrought upon us. i have paid penance and my boys took a dive this weekend.
7:49 am
now i'm out. i'm out and i'm focused! can i get some groans? we're bringing you our favorite "plays of the day" from all year. first up, one we brought you this summer, thanks goodness for our friends in russia. they have the tiny bicycle. >> huh uh. you can't do that. >> no he doesn't. >> how does he not break the pedals? >> in fact, the description on youtube says the bike is comfortable and adjustable. perhaps unclear on those words. >> made out of titanium. >> i wanted to give somebody here a chance to do it for us in the studio, sam. >> why you looking at me? >> come on. >> that's a tr iricycle.
7:50 am
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good morning i'm eric thomas. san francisco police are investigating a vicious crime involving a man and woman found bound and goinged near visitation valley the two were unconscious. the man died later at
7:56 am
san francisco general. the woman has life-threatening injuries. mike has the forecast. big story still fog around highway 4, fairfield and santa rosa everybody else a lot of sunshine this afternoon temperatures in the low to upper 60s mostly sunny, cooler tonight, cooler tomorrow, rain tonight, tomorrow through wednesday morning. couple of earlier stalls at the bay bridge relatively dark on our camera, traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing, a tv in lanes in the westbound direction. alhambra on-ramp to westbound 4 give, car in the ditch
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] and a real happy holiday crowd out there in times square this morning. like hearing the christmas music. feels like spring out there today, which makes us a little happier. good morning, america. as you know, robin is home recovers. lara is off. great to have amy and bianna here this morning.
8:00 am
>> thank you. the holidays started early for us last week. visited robin, trimmed the tree. showed you some of that on friday. we're taking another look today. we're sharing family traditions. >> that right there is sam, macgyvering the star on the tree. >> a twisty tie? >> he's handy and so methodical. just kept moving. >> in the champion household, we don't slow down. just gotta keep fixing it. keep making it happen. >> you are handy, my friend. i'm impressed. an incredible story, one fifth grader's incredible weight loss. how her mom helped her lose 66 pounds in less than a year. now mother and daughter reveal tips on how she got so fit and healthy. she looks incredible. >> congratulations. >> what a great story. what a great story. >> i can't wait for you to see what we can see right now. also, tom brady, his supermodel wife, gisele bunchen
8:01 am
welcoming brand new baby girl vivian to the family. so a mazel tov to both. what's got people talking is how the newborn was delivered. doctors are cautioning people from delivering similarly. we'll have that in a moment for you. right there at home, are you sitting on cash and don't know it? well, i'll tell you who does know it, toy hunter jordan hembrough reveals just how much vintage toys like the "star wars" figures are worth. josh hasn't let me -- josh doesn't their this morning. i don't know. what you to think? are you guessing, is it worth $50? >> out of the box, is it still worth something? >> out of the box. yeah. let's just, real quick, luke skywalker in a box. >> between $750 to $1500. >> come on. >> no way! >> has anybody seen the luke skywalker here? i seem to have -- i can't -- the princess leia?
8:02 am
>> okay, thank you. we're so excited. starting today, a little more "gma" every single day, every single morning. "gma" live at 9:15 eastern online. on yahoo!. a lot more fun and surprises. a lot more "gma" every single morning. news right now with josh. we begin with the australian deejays behind the royal phony phone call that went horribly awry last week. this morning, they're breaking their silence. they're saying they're shattered over the apparent suicide of the nurse who took their call. they tearfully apologized and extended condolences to the nurse's family. they've mutually decided to stay off the air for an indefinite period of time. also this morning, condolences pouring in from around the world for superstar jenni rivera. the singer and reality show
8:03 am
phenom is presumed dead after her learjet crashed shortly after take off. she sang in the style of banda. she sold 15 million albums. jenni rivera was 43 years old. the latest tragedy to rock the nfl. that is josh brent, cowboys lineman who was released from jail last night after posting $500,000 in bail. he was allegedly driving drunk when his car crashed over the weekend, killing his teammate and best friend, jerry brown. brent could face up to 20 years in prison. a happier scene here in the pacific northwest. in seattle, hundreds of same-sex couples tieing the knot yesterday in washington state, the first day gay weddings were legal there. some courts opened at midnight to handle the rush. and here's diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh, and a welcome to a monday for everyone at "gma." tonight on "world news," a big homecoming surprise for a veteran. exactly what is tom hanks
8:04 am
planning to do for him? be sure to watch. standing up for heroes, tonight. see you then. >> and so we shall. and finally, a primate with a penchant for affordable furniture? yes. a tiny monkey in a coat caused quite a stir when he was spotted at an ikea in toronto yesterday. >> look how sad he looks. >> was he real? >> he had escaped his cage. >> a fashion plate, too. >> check this out. he actually escaped his cage and went to the customer pickup area to find his owner. somebody got on the microphone and said, if you have lost -- will the owner of the monkey in the shearling coat come retrieve said monkey? obviously, the monkey, for obvious reasons became something of a star on instagram, twitter. owner, monkey, reunited. owner later fined.
8:05 am
>> he looks a little scared there. >> he looked sad and scared. >> he looks terrified. there are so many reasons for the monkey to be scared. i would have started with the coat. >> where do you get a coat like that? my pop is a bit rusty. i have to say. i'm a little nervous. sam said, give it all. so i'm giving you my all, guys. we're kicking off the week with a world exclusive sneak peek of "the lone ranger" trailer. here's a first look at armie hammer and the one and only johnny depp as tonto. >> what do you want with me? >> justice is what i seek, kimosabe. people think you are dead. better to stay that way. >> you want me to wear mask? >> there will come a time when good man must wear mask. >> all right, let's do this. >> i'm sold, movie date for all of us. >> anytime you start "pop news" with johnny depp wearing a bird on his head, you win, bianna.
8:06 am
you are -- >> i tried. i tried. a all night just for you, sam. that mask was made of felt for the tv show. it was upgraded to leather for the movie. it took up to seven sittings and ten designs to make it look perfect. and it does. most people offer to pick up their dates in a car, right? if you're taylor swift, maybe not. she gave her new boyfriend a ride if hn her luxury private j. harry styles got to fly in style to perform at the uk jingle bell ball. the rest of his band mates, they had to fly domestic. and, of course, this is just fueling the growing speculation that harry and taylor are an item. >> they were holding hands, right? >> george, your thoughts? >> i'm not going to feel sorry for the rest of the one direction guys. not going do it.
8:07 am
>> despite the growing rift. >> they had to check this their luggage. we did this story this weekend. a fine live between -- yeah -- >> flying coach. >> she said domestic. she didn't say coach. >> rooe. there's still first class on domestic flights. >> this is a good one. >> i don't know. there's a fine line between liking is smell of food and liking to smell like the food. pizza hut released a perfume. it's a limited edition bottle. the idea started as a joke on facebook. smell this. i'm done. i smelled it this weekend. you'll attract a lot of attentioning walking around with this perfume. >> oh. >> come on. >> i kind of like it. >> ooh, really. >> there you go. >> merry christmas. >> it's like warm dough. >> can i unsmell that? that's one of the worst things -- whoa! >> she's taking it home.
8:08 am
>> amy, you can have it. i think it will be called pizza pu. and, of course, we feel like it's our duty to keep you posted on anything panda-related. the weather outside is perfect for pandas. look at that guy having a whale of a time in his pen in china the other day. his buddy romping around in the snow nearby, too. check them out romping around in their own snow-covered panda playground. can't get enough of pandas. >> always. look at you. when in doubt in the pop, go panda. >> i smell that perfume. >> johnny depp and a panda. good start. now to the "pop quiz." guess who owns this new beach front dream home? here's a hint. there's a swedish flag flying over the house? >> harry styles. of one direction. >> find out in a minute. >> taylor swift. >> elin nordegren. remember her. >> you weren't supposed to tell us.
8:09 am
[ laughter ] >> maybe not. >> that's who i would have guessed. >> maybe not. could be her. could be other people. >> you are supposed to tell us the weather, sam. i want to show you this crowd early on a foggy, ever so slightly misty morning. these holiday crowds are the best ever. some of the biggest, they just keep going and going and going. we're out, where everywhere this morning. here are one or two things we want to show you this morning. one or two pictures out of dallas. the early morning blast of snow. didn't coat too many areas. could make the roads a little slippery. the windchills are just brutal. in that area in north texas this morning. be aware of that. in comes the colder air. take a look at where atlanta starts today. 68. you're 50 by the time we get to wednesday. new york city drops almost 20 degrees. the warm temperatures we have now won't be here on wednesday.
8:10 am
this cold front moves through. here's a quick look at the warm air. the beautiful temperatures, 72 in the l.a. area. >> think that's enough "gma" for you? i beg to differ. here's what's coming up on the "gma" morning menu. how one mom helped her fifth grader drop almost 70 pounds in less than a year. we're so proud of this young woman. we're going to introduce you to her on "gma." plus, the brady bunch.
8:11 am
why the at-home birth of their new baby girl is kicking up a little bit of a controversy and even some warnings. and found money, could those old toys laying around the house be worth big bucks? i hope so. we're going to prove that it can be true. and heisman winner, johnny football, is here, live on "gma," right here in times square. [ male announcer ] introducing centrum flavor burst adult multivitamins... a delicious new way to get essential vitamins you need. just bite into the tasty shell... to a chewy vitamin core for a unique multivitamin sensation! new centrum flavor burst. ♪ [spider-man] we got this. ♪ [mom] this hero stuff is easy!
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8:16 am
♪ ♪ the christmas tree it's the christmas party hop ♪ and everybody across the studio about to get an inspiring start of the week right now. the story of breanna bond. at just 9 years old, breanna weighed almost 200 pounds. one of the millions of american kids struggles with obesity. in less than a year, she transformed her body and her life. we're going meet her and her paints in a moment. take a look at her remarkable journey. by the time she was 9 years old, breanna bond was 186 pounds. the extra weight made it
8:17 am
difficult for her to breathe and move around. she became a target for bullies. >> everybody at school would call me names. they would call me fatty. they would call me fathead. >> say hi. >> hi. >> reporter: her weight gain began as a baby. by kindergarten, she was 100 pounds. >> i was playing with my friends, if they were running, i couldn't keep up. >> you want some tomato basil and mozzarella. >> yeah. >> reporter: her mom took the matter in her hands. she designed an exercise routine for here daughter. the whole family started walking on a four-mile trail near their home. before long, breanna lost 37 pounds. along with a healthy diet that limits fat to 20 grams a day, she game hitting her home treadmill for an hour and 15 minutes every day. she began playing basketball and joined the swim team. >> she inspires me on a daily basis. she's an inspiration to the world and all children with weight issues across america
8:18 am
that you can do it with a pair of tennis shoes and motivation. it's totally changed the course of her whole life. >> and wait until you see her now. you ready to come out? come on, breanna. [ cheers and applause ] come on over. you look fantastic. so you've lost 66 pounds, how do you feel? >> great. >> i'll bet you do. you look so great, so healthy and happy. heidi and dan, breanna's parents are here as well. heidi, you took the initiative here. you really started this. there are parents with the same struggle out there. tell us how you did it. >> an hour and 15 minutes a day on the treadmill. out of that, we run 25 minutes. she, along with healthy eating, we changed our eating habits completely.
8:19 am
>> give us an example. >> we focus on fat grams. so she's -- we're, as a family, under 20 grams of fat a day or less, and as low of sugar as possible. >> this was not easy. and dan, i know it took some tough love. >> absolutely. we have a stubborn little girl here. and -- >> whoa. she begs to differ. >> and, yeah, there were definitely some battles. >> what was the hardest part for you? >> when i first started. it was the walking. because it was just, i wasn't used to it. >> you just went out there and you guys did it, every day, as a family. >> yes, there's not -- in the beginning, we did it as family. there was nothing that stopped us. we went at night in the rain in the hail in the fog, nothing. we had a -- zero toll lanerance
8:20 am
policy. we're doing the walk no matter what. >> this was not just unhealthy eating habits. you knew from the beginning when she was baby that she would have to struggle with this. >> yeah, slow metabolism. her pediatrician said she would grow into her body. and then, after awhile, we, you know, went and got other doctors' opinions. we had her tested from thyroid to diabetes. her endocrinology was tested. allergies. everything came out fine. we knew at that point, we had to step things up. she joined a swim team. a few months into that, she was still gaining weight. >> how has this changed your life? all good? what's the best part? >> that i can be involved with sports and i can keep up with my friends when we're playing. i can just move more. >> that makes a big difference. we just have a couple of seconds
8:21 am
left. what would you say, if parents are watching, what is the one big piece of advice you would give them? >> start as soon as possible. exercise, healthy eating habits, and -- >> and don't be afraid to do the tough love. it's worth it in the long run. it's their life at stake. >> it sure is. you all look great and happy. congratulations. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> amy? >> breanna, you are an inspiration. thanks for coming in. we want to move on to the new member of the brady bunch. gisele and tom brady welcoming a new baby girl into the world. it was an at-home birth. and bianna is back with the details because there is some controversy. >> congratulations to them. vivian lake brady is her name. the couple's second child together. tom brady's first daughter. he's smitten. anyone waiting for hospital photos of the other angel in his life, former victoria's secret supermodel gisele bundchen, will be waiting for a long time.
8:22 am
she gave birth at home. this may be the first glimpse of tom and gisele's brand new baby, vivian lake. what's really got people talking is that the newborn was not born in a hospital but in the comfort of the couple's boston home on wednesday. we feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again. she posted on her facebook page. and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel. >> i grew up with three sisters. i think it is great for my boys to have a girl in the house. just to understand a little bit at least of what makes a woman tick. >> reporter: little vivian's birth was not the first at-home birth. benjamin was born at home in the family's bathtub. something the supermodel said was a natural experience. she talked about it in the documentary "business of being born." >> my job as a mom, that i felt that moment, was to just breathe, relax, and allow my body and trust my body to do what it knows. what naturally knows what to do.
8:23 am
>> reporter: while doctors say only about 1 pbt of births now happen at home, more and more couples are choosing to forego the hospital, in part because of the celebrity influence. >> it looks like it's starting to be more popular. gisele, ricki lake, cindy crawford are making it more popular. >> that moment, i felt like i could conquer the world. i felt like, give it to me. i can take it. like, i just felt so empowered, you know? i felt so ready. you can throw anything at me and i can take it. i can do it. just tell me what. >> reporter: doctors caution staying home is not always the best option. >> people have to understand they're not celebrities. they have to have a good plan if something goes wrong. >> and gisele also drew controversy after the birth of her first child, benjamin, after
8:24 am
saying that mandatory breastfeeding should become worldwide law. if you have a complicated childbirth and have to be in the hospital. >> tom brady playing on "monday night football" tonight on espn. george? >> looking forward to that. now, one of our favorite year-end traditions, it is coming. barbara walters' ten most fascinating people. 2012 includes the woman from behind "fifty shades of gray" to the boy band one direction. >> have you gotten used to it, the screams, the yells, the girls? >> i was thinking about it yesterday. because we were heading out to go to a concert. we turned the corner, the girls started running down the main avenue after us. it was like from a zombie movie. how could you ever get used to this? watching people run down a main street with cars everywhere?
8:25 am
>> we all have those days where you have had a bit of time off at home, you walk to the shop, and you completely forget that people recognize your face. you come in the shop, someone's like, can i have a photo? you're like, oh. you kind of forget. >> i kind of think about how highly i think of my, let's say, favorite band, when i was younger. to think that we're some people's favorite band is so insane. >> yeah. >> and, you know, like, for the people who i listen to all the time, i still wouldn't probably camp outside places. but people, like, camp out for days to, like, come to things that we do. it's amazing. >> nice to see they still have their feet on the ground. we can't wait to see the whole list. it will be topped by barbara's most fascinating person of the year. that will be wednesday night. barbara walters present, the ten most fascinating people of 2012 airs at 9:30, 8:30 central. coming up, more of our special holiday visit at home with robin.
8:26 am
that is coming up. and how to cash in on your old toys. stay with us. stay with us. . good morning i'm kristen sze. dangerous incounter for firefighters, a truck making a delivery in san leandro became entangled in live power lines and caught fire. two inside the big rig managed to jump clear and avoided electrocution. teens at a nearby detention
8:27 am
center were evacuate as a precaution. jam-up northbound!]>hx 280 san jose highway 17 junction earlier accident near cupertino near de anza cleared the damage is done, it is jammed. behind the bay bridge toll couple of earlier stalls and debris has traffic backed through the maze we'll
8:28 am
8:29 am
little breezy as we look from mount tamalpais towards san francisco still thick fog around highway 4 and towards fairfield everybody else starting to lift and see sun. 60 oakland, 59 half moon bay, 50s around the bay, 30s and 40s inland. low to upper 60s today, cooler tomorrow, tomorrow night into [ cheers and applause ] a raucous monday morning crowd. right here in times square. good morning, everyone. hope you're doing okay. great to have amy and bianna here today. lara taking the week offer. we had so much fun at robin's house last week. we'll show you a little bit more of it this morning. cannot wait to share that with you. we'll reveal some holiday traditions in a minute. could the forgotten toys in your attic score you big bucks?
8:30 am
jordan hembrough is here on this morning's "found money." those "star wars" figures were worth a lot more money than i thought. >> a lot of money. also, does your christmas have you a little humdrum, the blues? a little boring around the house. christmas doesn't seem like christmas without some sparkle. we have incredible gifts all under 100 bucks. is your christmas humdrum? >> it was. not now. now it's spark ly as all get ou. now, excited to work more. we're launching "gma" live, "gma" all day. it's our live digital show. starts at 9:15 eastern. in all time zones. on yahoo!. on demand all day. everybody's on board this morning. it will be online for you all. >> love it. love the idea of that. a special "gma" rocks the holidays. want to share more of our
8:31 am
special time with robin last week. so great to celebrate an early christmas with her and to share our favorite holiday memories. take a look. ♪ faith, family, and friends. what the holidays are all about. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ ♪ her >> i want to thank you for the xl. >> the tree is over here. >> thank you, sam. he did a lot of heavy lifting. >> one pine cone. ♪ one golden pine cone >> so good to see you guys. >> what was christmas like in turkey? >> the best. we couldn't get back to the states. our parents would give us -- this is how old we are -- the sears catalog. we would pick out our christmas gifts. >> my mom is a terrific baker. she would break out the recipe book and we would make, like, 18 different recipes.
8:32 am
>> we were not a sugar cereal household. on christmas, we could all choose a box of our favorite breakfast cereal. >> what was yours? >> apple jacks? >> apple jacks? apple jacks? oh. >> oh! merry christmas, ho ho ho! >> of course, they're eating. we're decorating. >> i know. >> nothing has changed. nothing has changed! i have a roberts family tradition. it's a lime sherbet with -- >> i'm in, i'm in. whatever you're about to say. >> i love that. >> with ginger ale. it makes a little -- my mom made it all the time. >> reporter: after a few glasses of the punch, robin gave us each a gift. >> who has been naughty and who has been nice? >> something you and your beautiful family will hopefully enjoy together. love you, robin. love you, robin. >> angry birds. >> something to keep your warm. >> arsenal! arsenal! >> i love that.
8:33 am
>> it was a tennis racket. >> i love it. >> we still have to play. we still have to play. >> it's on. >> without cameras. >> from the very beginning you have always brought joy into my life. love you, robin. i love you, robin. >> i worked with sam the longest. 2006. >> oh, my gosh. >> this was our first trip together, the justin timberlake concert in memphis. >> i remember it. oh, my god, that's fantastic. >> reporter: robin reminded us when your friends are your family and your family are your friends, you are truly blessed. >> it is so, so good to see you. >> family. >> to family. >> cheers. >> merry christmas. >> to health and happiness in the new year. >> here's to 2013. bring it! >> bring it on! >> what is the next big milestone in your head? >> it's coming back to work. it is coming back and -- to my life.
8:34 am
and i've never defined myself by my work. none of us have. we enjoy what we do. but it's the normalcy. when the alarm goes off at 3:45, i'm going to be happy. >> you'll know life is really normal the wednesday that wears off. and we can't wait for that day. >> i like that phrase that someone gave me because i think about us, too. family, we may not have it all together, but together, we have it all. >> that's a great motto. >> it's true, it's true. [ cheers and applause ] >> christmas in the studio. we know robin is going to be back. i gotta tell you, elliott and i tried the angry birds. almost as addictive as the online game. >> not surprising. so good to see her. so good to see her. >> i love that family photo. >> yeah, that was great. we have a special guest with us this morning. as i flip back into my old life. history made this weekend, for the first time ever, a freshman
8:35 am
wins the most prestigious individual honor in college football, the heisman trophy. johnny manziel, we're happy to have johnny football, johnny heisman here. congratulations. my friend. >> thank you. >> it's a moment every football player dreams of. to hear your name called, what is it like? >> i didn't believe it at first. my heart was beating through my shirt. i felt like you could see that on tv. then for my name to be called. i was a lot more comfortable on stage once i got up there. the suspense was killing me. >> flanked by a couple of great players. manti te'o and collin klein both. you didn't have to dream this dream as long as anybody before you. they had given this thing 77 times before, never to a freshman. did you have any doubt in your mind about being a 19-year-old kid walking away with this? >> there was doubt. just because of the freshman bias that was kind of around. for that to not come into play
8:36 am
and for things to play out how they did, what a blessing it is. to be in the situation i'm in. >> we get s.e.c.ers in the crowd every day. we got a&mers. in the crowd today. this was your -- the first year for texas a&m in what's thought to be the best kons frens in the country. you had help, kevin sumlin and cliff kingsbury. i covered cliff in college. what does this mean to get the team on the board? >> it's a testament how they are and how the staff has been. come in and really change the face of the program and done a great job with the team. my teammates, 105 guys i wouldn't trade for anybody in the world. what a great group of guys they have been. >> only one two-time winner of this award. hey, we could have a four-time winner by the time johnny football is done. your 78th heisman trophy winner. congratulations, johnny manziel.
8:37 am
watch as a&m takes on oklahoma in the cotton bowl. sam, this is history. this is history right here. >> and look behind you. speaking of freshmen and school, there are some faces that maybe should be in school today. >> we should blur their faces. >> tell me your name? >> matthew. >> yours? >> bo. >> and. >> kate. >> and? >> allie. >> and? >> charlie. >> look at the sign. what does it say? >> i live in maine. don't tell my teacher. team robin may get you an excused absence this morning. let's get to the boards. here's what we want you to know as you step outside your door. the pictures of what america looks like. minnesota snowfall, washington, d.c.'s fog, a scene out of "the birds." here's that cold air pushing into the country. the east coast holds on to the milder temperatures. we get a squeeze play with the clouds and moisture. the deep south, comes the storms. nashville, birmingham, some of
8:38 am
the strongest storms. though this morning, right along the gulf coast area, we have seen powerful storms. a quick look at the west coast. >> don't you just love the music we play on "gma"? i hope you do. we do. if you do, we have an exciting announcement. spotify, the digital music service has unveiled a new follow feature. guess what? we're a part of it. as the newsmaker series, john muller sat down with spotify's ceo, daniel, to talk about our new "good morning america" play list that you can actually download on spotify. >> let's talk about something we're excited about. a "good morning america"
8:39 am
playlist. talk about that. >> you guys have always really grabbed spotify. wanted to do interesting things with us. you're now a profile on spotify. that one can follow. you publish your own play lists. i'm sure a lot of your viewers will want to check out what you're listening to.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
isn't it too bad there's only two hours of "gma" in your morning? well, get this. starting today there's more. a cool new "gma" show. backstage live, what you don't get to normally see on "gma," now you will, wherever you are. so this morning, just when "gma" on tv is over, something new begins. click over to "gma" live. at on yahoo!. this is going to be so totally cool. brought to you by nook hd. by barnes and noble. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ we're back now. one of our favorite segments. "found money." your old favorites may be worth more than you think. toy and collectibles expert jordan hembrough is here. the host of toy hunter on travel channel. going across the country in search of the most sought-after items. basically becomes santa claus.
8:43 am
>> i do. >> except they have the toys already. good morning. first of all, is this, in fact, the coolest job there could possibly be? >> it is. i'm so lucky to do what i do each and every day. >> let's get right into it. i recognize the furbys. from way, way back. >> absolutely, 1998. >> this is a vintage furby from 1998? >> from 1998. the beautiful thing is, all the toy companies are coming back out with the vintage toys. hasbro toys has come out with the brand new furby. i like to call it furby 2.0. this was has a smart phone app. you can talk with furby on your smart phone. it will be the hot, hot holiday toy this year. >> what are we talking? dollars and cents? old furby, vintage furby. >> depending on the coloring, which one you have, anywhere between $75 and $100. >> look. all other toys take a back seat to the "star wars" action
8:44 am
figures. >> you got it. >> first of all, never going out of style. we heard you say -- in the box, we have -- >> we don't have vintage in the box. we have loose ones. >> an x-wing fighter. >> these are the reissues by gentle giant. what gentle giant has done is they've taken all of our classic star wars figures that you and i grew up with and they supersized them for the new generation. retail for about $80. highly collectible. you can play with them, put them on your desk. it's fantastic. >> here we have -- >> barbie. >> good, old barbie. >> good, old barbie. the holiday special by barbie. 2012. these are really collectible. >> we're going get -- going to get over here. this, i believe, kate si is our staffer.
8:45 am
>> this is our good friend and colleague. she's camera shy this morning. >> your curious george is worth? >> this was done by knickerbocker. anywhere between $35 to $45. >> not bad. >> it's money. >> wow. >> then we're having -- is this a -- should i recognize? >> this is vintage from the 1950s. i can tell by the hard plastic head. done probably by vogue corporation. you're look at between $75 to $100. >> nice. >> hold on to it. >> thank you. >> this is fantastic. >> i see this is heavy metal. this is not a toy at all. this was a premium given away at car dealerships. when you bought a car in 1957, they gave you this premium toy. a 1957 bel air. worth $75 to $150. >> wow. >> it's not just the baseball cards up in the attic. it's the old toy, too. >> the old toys. all kinds of pop culture. >> the holiday episode of toy hunter. premieres wednesday on the travel channel. for jordan's tips of preserving your children's toys while
8:46 am
they're using them, go to on yahoo!. thank you jordan. >> thank you. coming up, gorgeous gifts on a budget for everyone on the list. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] and now to our countdown to christmas, gifts on a budget. we have the hottest gliterring gifts that you can buy for under $10. every woman in your family can find something sparkly here. superdiva, lyss stern is here to dazzle us. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start with the wife, the mom. i'll reveal. you tell us what we're looking at. >> whoo! this is a sparkly tote bag from henry benzell.
8:49 am
what mom and wife wouldn't want it. >> it's waterproof. and another sparkly gift for mom here. >> we do. we love glittery scented candles for the holiday. this one from mackenzie child, $24. and the one from henri bendel. >> you smell good and you sparkle. let's talk about the teen girl in your life. let's reveal. >> what teen girl doesn't want an ipad case. especially a glittery one. >> this is beautiful. >> this is a stephanie johnson glitter case. every purchase you make, 20% gives back to the charity of choice. >> that's great. that's fantastic. a win-win.
8:50 am
>> an armani, $35. glittery. >> a great price point. i love this next one. another one for teen girls. >> charming charlie, glittery rings. $15. >> that's incredible. i love these. they're beautiful. >> they look like over $100. >> does it have to be for teens? you have thought about the diva baby in your life. >> of course. these are sparkly shoes. for every purchase you make for the holidays, they also give back a new pair of shoes to children in need. >> my girls have toms. you're doing something great for the community. >> and matching mother, matching daughter. >> that's cute adds well. the final baby gift, oh, i love those. >> who doesn't live a sparkly glow for the holidays.
8:51 am
>> what is the price point? >> $18 from cozy cuts for kids. light up your outfits. >> you have spark until your hair for the rest of the day, too. i have gliter all over. you can get the full details on these gifts plus bonus web exclusive item, all at we'll be right back. again, here's some glitter. happy holidays. >> sparkle all over.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle le is scheduled for sentencing this morning. the law requires a minute number -- a minimum of 25 years. warmer than average by four to eight degrees. it going to be in the 60s everywhere low 60s antioch and
8:59 am
richmond to upper 60s santa rosa 68°. tonight 30s and 40s inland, 40s and 50s elsewhere. a chance of rain tomorrow night through wednesday morning. grind san jose 280 north up towards cupertino earlier accident gone slow and go behind the bay bridge toll metering lights on tprafp fix backed beyond the maze. accident south 280 at announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the film "les miserables," hugh jackman. and host of the new show "take it all" howie mandel. plus a performance from richard marx as we kick off our holiday hits week. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning made possible by


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